Extremely rare presentation of burned-out testicular tumor

  • Mojtaba Ameli gonabad university of medical sciences
  • Naser Yousefzade
  • Saeed Farhadiniaki
  • Leila Gholamimahtaj
Keywords: Burned-out, chemotherapy, lymphadenectomy, testis, tumor


It is commonly accepted to consider retroperitoneal germ cell tumors as the metastasis of a viable or burned out testicular tumor. In such cases, orchiectomy should be performed since the burned-out site in the testis could continue to harbor malignancy despite systemic chemotherapy. A 45-year-old male presented as an outpatient with complaints of back pain. He was diagnosed with a retroperitoneal mass and a palpable testis mass. He underwent radical orchiectomy.  Pathological study revealed a burned-out tumor. Following chemotherapy, retroperitoneal lymph node dissection was performed. Despite the residual and enhanced retroperitoneal lymph nodes in his computed tomography scan, none of the resected lymph nodes showed a viable tumor. This is the first reported case of a palpable and hypoechoic burned-out testicular tumor.

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Ameli, M., Yousefzade, N., Farhadiniaki, S., & Gholamimahtaj, L. (2018). Extremely rare presentation of burned-out testicular tumor. International Journal of Health Sciences, 12(3). Retrieved from https://ijhs.org.sa/index.php/journal/article/view/2845
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